Kaushik I am Kaushik. Photography is my hobby, my passion – since childhood. I never turned it into profession. I thought, why not make a website, Amateur Digital Photography, and discuss whatever little I know about photography, some of my experiences and also make a portfolio section – just as the professional photographers setup their websites.

Please keep in mind, this is a completely amateur person’s website and is meant for reading by beginners and mid-level users who want to learn some basics.

Photography almost vanished from my life during a certain period in the last few years. But since my love for photography was never lost, I decided to revive it. Hence, the portfolio section, right now, will not showcase extremely stunning photos.

But since I am back into it again, the future will show up something wonderful, I hope. The most important thing is, I have made this website for the amateurs with not-so-high knowledge & capabilities of photography but who want to know and to learn.

Everyone loves to shoot great photos, nowadays people have cameras in their mobile phones, they buy advanced point-and-shoot cameras, dSLRs – but not all of them knows photography so well. This website is for those amateurs who will have a place to know the basics.