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Buying another lens

All dSLR cameras usually come bundled with a prime or standard zoom lens. But very soon, you may feel the need to get another lens to explore more into your photography skills.

What is a fisheye lens?

Fisheye, the name sounds unusual, isn’t it? I’ve discussed about wide-angle lenses, now, fisheye lenses are basically ultra wide-angle lenses which creates wide panoramic or hemispherical images.

What is a macro lens?

Macro lenses are used for extreme close-up photography of relatively smaller size objects or living beings such as insects or flowers etc. Invented by Fritz Goro, macrophotography produces an image in which the subject’s size appears bigger than or equal to … Keep Reading…

What is a Prime Lens?

I already discussed about Normal Lens and Zoom Lens. A normal lens has a fixed focal length, as per film or sensor format and a zoom lens has variable focal lengths. A Prime Lens basically refers to any fixed focal … Keep Reading…