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Focus, White Balance, ISO bracketing

In macro photography, where there is a constraint of depth of field, a series of exposures may be required with different positions of the focal plane so that a suitable frame can be chosen where large part of the subject … Keep Reading…

Flash bracketing, DOF bracketing

Flash bracketing is another type of exposure compensation technique when working with electronic flash units. It may be used as fill flash in combination with the existing light, maintaining the overall amount of exposure.

Automatic Exposure Bracketing

Unlike exposure compensation, exposure bracketing is when we take multiple shots with different exposures for any given lighting situation. Some cameras can do it automatically, its called AEB or automatic exposure bracketing.

What is Exposure Value

Some combinations of shutter speed and aperture yield the same exposure for a given scene luminance. Exposure value or EV is also used to indicate an interval on the photographic exposure scale. 1 EV corresponds to a stop.