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Compose your frame

Coming to the very basics of photography, the first important aspect is to compose your frame in a manner which will yield a good photograph. Some scenes are best taken horizontally and some are best if taken vertically.

How to hold a digital camera

It is important to know how to hold your camera. Minor camera shakes produce blurry images. It feels uncomfortable to shoot multiple images for a longer duration if camera holding posture is not good.

What is Depth of Field

When we focus sharply on an object, depth of field is the area in front and back of the subject which appears in focus, rest of the foreground and background is out of focus. Smaller the aperture, higher the depth … Keep Reading…

Playing with the Aperture

You already know that aperture setting or the f-stop number determines how much narrow or wide the lens opening will be, to allow light to pass through. Just like playing with the shutter speed, variation of the aperture will also … Keep Reading…