Buying memory cards

Most digital cameras use Secure Digital memory cards. Mobile phones use microSD cards. Some higher end professional dSLR cameras use Compact Flash cards.

Camera manufacturers may or may not gift one memory card with your camera. Before buying a memory card, you will need to know the memory card technical specification requirement that your camera will support. For example, the Class rating is important as much as it is important to know card capacity limit. Usually all these are mentioned in your camera’s user manual.

If you choose to buy a card which is lower than what your camera supports, then you may experience some technical issues. Like, time taken to record an image onto the card may be longer.

If you choose a card whose power is too high than what the camera supports, then the card may not even be acceptable to your camera. For example, if your camera supports upto Class 6 memory cards and you buy a Class 10 memory card, then you may be doing some damage to your camera’s electronics system.

Nowadays, things may be a bit confusing for the amateur. Because, same Class 10 memory cards may have a few more differences. Like, the read/write speed of the card can greatly vary in the same class of cards.

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