Compose your frame

Coming to the very basics of photography, the first important aspect is to compose your frame in a manner which will yield a good photograph. Some scenes are best taken horizontally and some are best if taken vertically.

Another important factor, nowadays, is to choose the aspect ratio for your frame. Some cameras let you choose this factor. Aspect ratios can be like 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 etc. and even a square 1:1. When you choose a square aspect ratio, horizontal or vertical alignment of camera becomes meaningless.

While composing your frame, there may be a variety of factors which you can take into consideration depending upon your subject. I’ll discuss the rule or law of thirds in a later post.

Ideally, place your subject in the middle of your frame. Or, depending on the background which you may wish to include in your picture, you may wish to shift your subject at some other corner of the frame.

Filling up the frame with the subject is another point to consider. You may adjust this by moving nearer to or further from the subject, or adjust the zoom on your lens.

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